Security and Privacy Policy - 

Our Academy is Always on Lock Down for the                                         Safety of Your Children.

Parents or Designated Person Must Sign the Child In and Out Twice for Security purposes.


We must release children only to a Parent or a Person Designated by the Parent in Writing.

· If we suspect the person picking up a child is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we may call local police and request their assistance.

· We cannot legally prevent the child from being picked up by a parent or person designated by the parent; however, we will address this issue at enrollment by asking parents what they would like for us to do if you do not feel comfortable releasing the child to one of the parents and signing an agreement to this effect.

• Law enforcement officers and DFPS Child Protective Services staff have the authority by law to remove a child without a parent’s permission.

• We Always ask to see identification of persons you do not know and photo copy for the child’s file.

Personal Information on the Child and Family.

We will only release information to the Parents, DFPS Staff and for a Court Order.



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