Objectives in Learning . . .









• To help children realize the special wonder of God’s creations.


• Students will receive biblical based instruction to help them grow in their knowledge of faith in Jesus Christ.


• Students will be challenged to honor those in authority, be characterized by the fruit of the Spirit, behave responsibly, treat everyone respectfully, and excel in all they do, for the glory of God.


• To learn to communicate God’s love to those with whom they interact. 

To grow in knowledge and love of God and Jesus through use of Biblical principles.


• To think independently.


• To broaden their range of interests.


• To develop the use of the English language.


• To recognize simple relations and basic mathematical concepts.


• To develop a love of learning at a young age. 

To grow in knowledge and love of learning by becoming a    life-long learner.


• To establish desirable health, hygiene and nutritional habits.


• To develop gross and fine motor skills.


• To know and follow simple rules of safety.

To grow in knowledge and love of physical activity.


• To grow in the ability to work and play with others.


• To develop social competencies.


• To develop an attitude of kindness and cooperation toward others.


• To accept responsibility for one’s actions.

To grow in the knowledge and love of sharing and caring for others.


• To build positive self-worth as a creation of God. 


• To recognize desirable and undesirable emotional reactions.


• To learn self-regulation as it relates to emotionally challenging behavior.

To grow in the knowledge and love of happiness and passion for self and others.



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